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Florence, AZ
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Tracy and Shannon at St. Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastary in Florence
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Place From
Location More Info
Antelope Canyon 5 houirs Page Click
Butterfield Overland Stage Days 1  1/2 hours Benson Click
Canyon de Chelly 5 hours Chinle Click
Coke Ovens 2 hours Cochran Click
Gammon's Gulch 1 1/2 hours Pomerene Click
Goldfield 45 minutes Apache Trail Click
Grand Canyon National Park 5 hours Grand Canyon Click
Greek Orthodox Church 5 minutes Florence Click
Horseshoe Bend 5 hours Page Click
Kitt Peak Observatory 2  1/2 hours Kitt Peak Click
Montezuma Cliff Dwellings 2  1/2 hours Camp Verde Click
Oatman 5 hours Oatman Click
Organ Pipe National Monument 3 hours Organ Pipe Click
Sedona 3 hours Sedona Click
Titan Missile Museum 1  1/2 hours Tucson Click
Tombstone 2 hours Tombstone Click
Tucson Botanical Gardens 1 1/2 hours Tucson Click
Tonto Cliff Dwellings 1 1/2 hours Roosevelt Click
Verde Canyon Railroad 2  1/2 hours Clarkdale Click
World's Smallest Museum 1/2 hour Superior Click

From a monastary to a bordello in Goldfield 

Goldfield Ghost town revitalized.

Tucson Botanical Gardens

Tombstone 1985. Fran and Jamie 

Tombstone Helldorado Days parade October 2002

Butterfield Days in Benson, AZ 2002.
Official swearing in of Pony Express ride from Benson to Dragoon.
You can send your mail by Pony Express that day.

From Canyon del Muerto jeep tour in one of the four main gorges
of Canyon de Chelly near Chinle, AZ

Jeep tour in Canyon del Muerto

Overlooking Canyon de Chelly from the South rim scenic drive

Antelope Canyon - a slot canyon.
These are called slot canyons because you walk through
this sort of narrow area which is lighted by the sun
coming in from the slots above it. Be sure to time your
visit to be there when the sun is directly overhead.  

Oatman, AZ where the burros own the streets. On Historic Rte 66.

Verde Canyon Railroad

Coke ovens near Florence in Cochran.
Rugged Jeep drive through Box Canyon or out Whitlow Ranch road where you have to ford a stream.

Plateau Point viewed from the South Rim at Grand Canyon

Gammon's Gulch in Pomerene near Benson.  

Horseshoe Bend south of Page. If you look down behind us, the Colorado River forms a horse shoe.
Jeesh! Those sunglasses look awful!

If I had a penny for each time I said, "BE CAREFUL".......

Horseshoe Bend ...not tall enough to get the full curve of the river.

Montezuma Cliff Dwellings at Camp Verde

Organ Pipe National Monument.

Titan Missile Museum south of Tucson

Sedona. How's this for a back drop for the main drag through town?

Tonto Cliff Dwellings near Roosevelt

World's Smallest Museum in Superior