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Florence, AZ
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Hieroglyphic Trail in the Superstition Mountains
near Apache Junction, AZ
about half an hour from Florence

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Trail From
Location More Pix More Info
Aravaipa Canyon 1  1/2 hours Dudleyville Gallery Click
Bluff Springs Trail 1/2 hour Superstitions Click
Box Canyon 1/2 hour Florence Click
Boulder Canyon 1 hour Superstitions
Bright Angel Trail 5 hours Grand Canyon Click
Canyon de Chelly 4-5 hours Chinle Click
Cochise Stronghold 2-3 hours Dragoon Mtns Click
Crystal Hill 3 hours near Quartzite
Dutchman's Trail 1 hour Superstitions
Esperero Trial 1  1/2 hours Catalina Mtns
Finger Rock Trial 1  1/2 hours Catalina Mtns more
Guindani Trail 1  1/2 hours Kartchner Caverns Click
Havasupai 6 hours W. Grand Canyon Click
Hermit's Rest 5 hours Grand Canyon Click
Hieroglyphics Trail 1/2 hour Superstitions Click
Hutch's Pool 1 1/2 hours Catalina Mtns Click
Lost Dutchman Trail 1/2 hour Superstitions
McDowell Mtn Scenic Trail 1 hour Fountain Hills
Peralta Trail 1/2/ hour Superstitions Click
Phone Line Trail 1  1/2 hour Catalina Mtns
Pima Canyon Trail - Magee Trailhead 1 hour Catalina Mtns more... click
Romero Pass Trail 45 m ins Catalina Mtns
Roosevelt Lake Trails 1 1/2 hour Roosevelt
Sabino Canyon 1  1/2 hours Catalina Mtns Click
San Tan Mtn Park 40 mins Queen Creek
Seven Falls 1  1/2 hours Catalina Mtns Click
White Tank Mtn Regional Park 2 hours West of Phoenix Click


Boulder Canyon Trail overlooking Canyon Lake

on the Apache Trail

About an hour from Florence


Overlooking Canyon Lake Marina


Back in the '80s. Our first trip to the Grand Canyon. This is Plateau Point.

That's a wet towel on my head; couldn't take the heat otherwise. 

Plateau Point 25 years later. Looks the same to me,

except I didn't hike it this time! 


First we hiked 4.6 miles to Indian Garden where we had our PB&J sandwiches,

then on to Plateau Point [here] for a total distance - one way - of 6.1 miles. 

Bright Angel Trail heading to Plateau point - just some bystander [bysitter]


Niece Tracy. This was taken on the South Rim walkway

to Hermit's Rest. Shuttle stops are along the route.

Be careful, Bob.


What a background for a photo op.


Inside the East entrance interpretive center. 


Lost Dutchman Trail 

Canyon de Chelly trail to the White House Ruins.
Only trail that doesn't require a Navajo guide

Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly

Switchbacks on trail to White House Ruins

White House Ruins....not allowed to enter

Careful; watch your step; don't drop that camera!

Notice how this trail winds from the top right of the picture
down to the top left of the picture?

Trailhead for the trail to the Havasupai village - May 1987

On the trail May 1987

You could always get a ride on the horses.

Worth the 7 mile hike

Phone Line Trail Sabino Canyon February 1985
Jamie, Bob, Dian

Heading for the Phone Line Trail in Sabino Canyon
 4.5 miles to trail's end...then hike back on the tram road. Jerry & Marie.

Hey! Guys! Wait for me!

Looking down at the tram road in Sabino Canyon
which we will walk back.

Phew! Made it back from the 7 Falls Trail.
Breeze feels good. Now, if we hurry, we can catch that tram
back to the visitor's center.

Heading for 7 Falls trail
On the 7 Falls Trail - Bob, Shannon, and Tracy
Phew!!! It's HOT!!!

Looking down at 7 Falls from the trail across from the falls.

There was a little more water this year...same niece Tracy

This is the view from the kids perspective as they were sliding.
Not much water this day - about 25 years later.

This is the pool the year we took Art and three of his kids here.
Art is sliding into the pool.
That is probably his nephew Brian Abalutzk next to him.

What a shot!
Taken on the way back from Hutch's Pool Sabino Canyon.

At Hutch's Pool

Cochise Stronghold in the Dragoon Mtns

Some riders we saw at White Tank Mtn Regional Park

A Gila Monster we saw
while we were driving up to the Box Canyon trail.

Hmmm....I wonder why they call this Box Canyon?

View from the trail. Would have been a nice resting spot if we were ready to rest.
(Click to view larger image)

Jerry crossing the creek - we criss-crossed the creek a total of 24 times.
(Click to view larger image)

Finger Rock Trail
(Click to view larger image)

Heading up Aravaipa Creek
(Click picture  to view larger image)

The Aravaipa Canyon Trail was mostly in ankle deep water.
(Click picture to view larger image)

View from the trail.
(Click picture to view larger image)

This picture was taken at McDowell Mtn Park. It's a pretty dull hike, but was useful for this information.