Marine RCT Lunn, Jonathan W.

Platoon 2014 2nd Battalion E  Co

Parris Island, SC

LCpl Jonathan Lunn 1st Btn/25th Regiment 4th Marine Division

January 8, 2006 Bldg 1641

Notice how thrilled he is to see his grandparents who drove 4.5 hours from Yuma to visit him at Twentynine Palms?

Couldn't get one of those gorgeous smiles from him because "Marines don't smile"

It seemed like everywhere we went people stopped to thank Jon. This particular person is a former Marine.


Leaving 29 Palms looking for a restaurant. Ended up at the Sizzler in Yucca Valley.

Here we are at the Sizzler. Grandma forgot that Grandpa can't keep his eyes open with this flash. Notice that Jon almost smiled. He told me to hurry because he wasn't holding that smile forever.

We brought him back safe and sound. Grandma wore her camouflage shirt to match (almost) Jon's.

We didn't know until we were in the restaurant that Marines at 29 Palms are not allowed to weat their "cammies" off base.  Then in Wal-Mart they about ran us out of there.

Twentynine Palms takes their Marine neighbors seriously.

Now you know why Twentynine Palms bills itself as the Oasis of Murals

On the way back to Rte 62 (the main drag) from the Marine base

Jon went to Twentynine Palms, CA January 3, 2006 for more intensive training before his deployment to Iraq  in March.


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