Clockwise from top left:
Lawrence Adams, Jonathan, Kelsey Lunn, Franchesca Rolon, Jamie Lunn

Jonathan W. Lunn, Jr., age 32, of Bridgewater, died suddenly Saturday, April 4, 2015. Jonathan was born in Taunton and raised in Cape Cod, the loving son of Jonathan W. Lunn, Sr. of Cape Cod, and Frances D. (Zadrozny) Robichaud and her husband Chris of Fall River.

A 2002 graduate of Lower Cape Regional Technical High School, Jonathan went on to study business at Cape Cod Community College. Shortly after graduation, Jonathan enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. He served one tour in Iraq, receiving several service medals.


Jonathan had been a self-employed auto mechanic, and worked at Complete Auto in Hyannis for more than 15 years. As an accomplished mechanic, Jonathan took 1st place in a motor rebuilding competition and went on to compete in several others. His greatest joys in life were his family, cars, and being a great mentor. Jonathan will be remembered as funny, loving, and giving but most importantly as being an incredible dad.

In addition to his parents, Jonathan is survived by his loving fiancé Rachel Eldridge of Bridgewater; his daughters, Alawna-Lei Lunn of Tennessee, and Angela and Aleicia Lunn of Bridgewater; his siblings, Jamie A. Weldin of Fall River, Lawrence C. Adams and his wife Briana of North Carolina, Kelsey M. Lunn of Fitchburg, Brent Robichaud, and Franchesca S. Rolon of Fall River. Jonathan also leaves a nephew Anthony Lunn and three nieces Nissia Weldin-Lunn, Gloria Weldin, and Aleaya Weldin all of Fall River. He was predeceased by his nephew Jeremiah Weldin.

Jonathan was the grandson of Frances D. Denoncourt and her husband Decker of Arizona, the late Francis J. Zadrozny, and Betty-Jean Lunn. He leaves his aunts Catherine Campbell and husband Timothy, Susan DeCosta, and uncles Daniel and Burton Lunn. He also leaves many  cousins including Katie King, Angeliza Campbell, and Shellie Rumery.




A memorial gathering was held May 16, 2015 at the VFW Post 2125 in Bridgewater, MA

From Jon's cousin  Katie King:

Jon Jon's memorial was beautiful,  yet sad. Rough day, but we all made it through. Few tears, good laughs and most of all we were there to remember and honor Jonathan Lunn. I thank everyone who showed up and brought something.

Family is everything.


Cousin Katie [Catherine Nicole] King posted this on Jon's wall. 

This flag was contributed by Carl 'Gunny' Jackson from one Marine to another. Gunny served two tours in Vietnam and Jon served in Iraq.
Semper Fi.

Jon's cousin Katie King put this collage together. Most of the pictures are from the photos I had taken over the years. So glad to have these happy memories. 

Gunny wrote this poem about 'A Veteran'. Cathy donated this framed version to the VFW Post 2125. The VFW donated the hall for this memorial service held May 16, 2015.

Penny for your thoughts.....Angie had little cards so that friends and relatives could write a memory of Jonathan to give to Rachel.

Forks and spoons wrapped in flag napkins

Jonathan's life companion, Rachel, hosted the memorial gathering with the help of Jonathan's aunt Cathy and his cousin Katie King.

Jon's aunt Cathy and cousin Katie

Zack, Katie, and Cathy's husband Tim

Jon's grand uncles Eddie and Ricky Zadrozny talking to Tim.
Food looks great!

My brother Arthur Cole who is Jon's grand uncle on my side.  

Jonathan's sister Kelsey Lunn and friend. 

Grand Aunt Peggy Zadrozny and  her daughter Peggy

Angie and Zack  

Grand Uncle Arthur's wife Donna

Grand Uncle Arthur's daughter Jeannette

Jeannette's son Jimmy Olson  

Jeannette's sister Tracy trying to safeguard her immune system.

Danny Lunn?


I really don't like this hospital food; I'm joining the Marines!

b. February 6, 1983


Jonathan Webster Lunn, Sr, Dian, and baby JWL, Jr.



Warren Gaudreau, Jr, John Gaudreau, Harold Cole holding Jonny, Aaron Gaudreau, WJG, Sr.

Summer 1984

Warren is half brother to Harold (Francis/Arthur/Henry)

John and Aaron are WJG Jr's sons

Four cousins: Jonathan, Shellie, Jamie, Ann 


Cousin Shellie and Jon

At the Cape with Grandma

Cape Cod (S. Yarmouth), MA

Jamie, Katie, Jonny 

Jonny, cousin Katie, and sister Jamie 

I borrowed the kids for the weekend where we stayed at the Stateline Campground in CT. Then we went to Riverside Park. brother Lawrence, sister Jamie, cousin Katie, Jonny 

CA coast

Jamie and Jonny

Marine World Africa - USA

Jamie and Jonny were game for any ride or anything. Roller coasters were too tame for them.


We had such a good time that summer. They stayed with us for a month in Reno.

So we challenged them with this ride. They were harnessed then hoisted up about 150 feet to their rear and had to release the cable themselves to come flying down through the uprights swinging like a pendulum until the momentum slowed down. Only one rule. You must keep your eyes open. And they did it!!

Skycoaster, Riverside Park, MA

We could stick them in a hole in a rock to pose for a picture (Box Canyon somewhere in Utah)

Grandpa Bob (Bob Denoncourt) and Jonny

Pontoon boat on the Green River in Utah

Ah, yes. The day of the watermelon seed spitting contest. We have that on video.

Campground in Provo, Utah

Grandpa was constantly fixing flats.

Jon keeping an eye on Grandpa (Bob Denoncourt) while he changed strings prior to the Bluegrass concert in the park. Jamie supervises.

Porsche picnic.

Jon won the hat contest wearing a hand drawn mustache and a sombrero. That's a fake snake.

Face painting at Bluegrass Festival in Plymouth, CA

Jonny with Grandpa and Grandma

Reno, NV

Fishing with Grandpa St. Petersburg, FL

c. 1998

Jonny with little sister Francie (Franchesca Sofia Rolon)

August 2000

Kind of hard to smile with the sun in your eyes

Kissimmee, FL 2000


Grandma (Frances Cole Denoncourt), Jon, Grandpa (Bob Denoncourt)

September 2002

At Aunt Cathy's

High School graduate and scholarship winner.

State automotive competition winner.

June 2002

Mom (Frances Dian Zadrozny Lunn) and Dad (JWL Sr)

Later in the day with little sister Kelsey

Jon and little sister, Jamie

June 2004

Marine RCT Lunn, Jonathan W.

Platoon 2014 2nd Battalion E  Co

Parris Island, SC

Jon went to Twentynine Palms, CA January 3, 2006 for more intensive training before his deployment to Iraq possibly in March.


Click here for more Marine pictures


See Mom, this is the camera Grandma and Grandpa got me because I promised to send pictures

Yes, these are the tactical glasses Grandma and Grandpa got me; now I can see my sandwiches.

February 11, 2006

Jon and his Aunt Sue


Jon did not like this picture, but it's one of my favorites.

Taken at 29 Palms, CA a day or so before he was sent to Iraq.

Iraq: I believe Jon took these pictures

He didn't want to stop

Uncle Tim and Aunt Cathy had a surprise party june 10, 2006 for Jon the day he returned from Iraq.
It was also Tim's birthday and Katie's graduation party.


To distract Dian, I got her to pose for family photos. Grandpa Bob and Uncle Arthur went to the airport to pick up Jon and were just arriving. He went in the front door and dashed upstairs to shower and change after traveling for three days to get home from Iraq.


Younger brother Lawrence who is now in the Army. 

Grandma's brothers Art and Harold. Aunt Cathy playing the perfect hostess.

Here he comes!

Big hug for Aunt Laurie 

So happy to be home with family 

Hugs for/from Nanna Zadrozny - great grandmother. 

Thanks for picking up the milk for me, Bob. My pleasure! 

Dian, Jon, Francy, and Aunt Laurie 

Sisters-in-law: Aunt Peggy Zadrozny, Grandma, Aunt Laurie



Baby Lunn February 2006

Daughter Alawna-Lei Lynette Lunn b. 6/30/2006


Alawna-Lei Lynette Lunn


Daughter Alawna-Lei Lynette Lunn b. 6/30/2006


October 14, 2006

Daddy and Alawna-Lei

October 14, 2006

Alawna-Lei October 14, 2006





Jon's children

Jon Spano and Jonathan

Jon and fiance Rachel Eldridge.
Both Jon and Rachel are descended from Mayflower pilgrim George Soule.



Cousn Angie, Angela, Aleicia

Jon's profile picture on Facebook at one point 

Rachel, Jonathan's Fiance and the mother of Angela and Aleicia